updated March 15, 2017

flagMake more

Vancouver's Railtown neighbourhood faces zoning changes that favour industrial start-ups of locally manufactured products (such as furniture) over office-type businesses (such as software development and graphic design).

flagAbout aluminum

Published by Johns Hopkins University Press , Aluminum Upcycled:, by Carl A. Zimring, documents the history of aluminum upcycling and questions today's assumptions about its sustainability.

flagPeggy paused

Consumerist magazine reports that after numerous customer complaints US-based West Elm temporarily removed the Peggy sofa and related products from its US and Canadian stores.

flagYale collects

The online database at the Yale University Art Gallery houses over 1400 examples of American furniture design.

flagDesign diluted

In his report for INC blog, Rotterdam-based artist, designer, and researcher Silvio Lorusso ponders whether the "intellectual role of the designer is only recognized by other designers."

flagMass merchandise

Germany's Vitra Design Museum exhibit, Monobloc – A Chair for the World, examines historical and cultural connotations of the ubiquitous plastic stacking chair. Until June 18.

flagDesign for Spain

The design brief for the 2017 Andreu International Design Award requests a seat and/or table that meets technical parameters the Spanish company established. Deadline: November 30.

flagAarnio acclaimed

Sweden's Nationalmuseum hosts a retrospective exhibition of Finland's Eero Aarnio designs. Closes April 23.

flagCity trees

This free, 260-page Forest Service pdf booklet explains why every dollar invested in US urban tree management returns up to $3.04 to the ecosystem.

flagMore mags

Read the latest edition of the UK's Furniture Journal online.

flagMaterials matter

New York's Parsons School of Design provides its searchable Healthy Materials Lab database at no charge.

flagJudd joined

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and the Huntington Library acquired American artist Donald Judd's two protype chairs to reunite them with his prototype desk, which LACMA acquired in 2011.

flagMakers matter

The British Council gives a list of its Maker Libraries in Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine and the UK.

flagWorkshops here

This year's Brooklyn Designs event program includes Kickstarter workshops, 3D printing demonstrations and panel discussions. May 5-7.

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