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furniturelink provides the list below of eco-friendly furniture materials and supplies as a resource for designers and manufacturers. furniturelink updates listings frequently, primarily from North American sources except where noted.

furniturelink welcomes and suggestions for additions.

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Solid woodHardwoodUnsustainable logging, teak, mahoganyFSC certification, local woodlots
 SoftwoodUnsustainable loggingFSC certification, local woodlots
Densified woodHard/SoftwoodLow density, durabilityAccoya
PanelsPlywoodUnsustainable logging, high gradingAppleply, Europly, Roseburg, PureBond MPX, SoyStrong, Green T
 MDFToxic adhesives, unsustainable loggingArreis, Durum, Medite II, Nu Green MR50, UltraStock-Free, Trupan Vesta
 ParticleboardToxic adhesives, unsustainable loggingBE.YOND, CollinsPine, Encore, TemStock-Free
 AgriboardToxic adhesives, unsustainable loggingCannaBoard, Durum, Ecoboard (NL), Hempwood, Linex Pro-Grass (NL)
 LightweightToxic adhesives, unsustainable logging, transport costsDendrolight (LV), Kaurit (DE)
Veneer Wood/FibreUnsustainable loggingEcho Wood, Green Blade® (FWI), Plyboo, Teragren Bamboo
Edgebanding ABSPVC edgebandingGreenLine™
PlasticsHDPE, PP, ABS, PSOil-based polymersUse recycled, Ecopixel (IT), Plasticiet (NL), Smile Plastics (UK), Yemm & Hart
PVCToxic polymerUse substitute
MetalsSteelWaste energy, air/water pollutionUse recycled
 AluminumWaste energy, air/water pollutionUse recycled
Surfaces LinoleumN/AForbo
Finishes"Natural" oil finishesVolatile organic compoundsBoiled linseed oil, Hemp oil, Tung oil
FabricsCotton/hempPesticidesUse organic, Hemp Traders
 SyntheticsToxic dyes, pigmentsBrentano, Carnegie, Climatex, Knoll, Kvadrat (DK), Mahram, Tencel
 Agriculture residueToxic dyes, pigmentsMylo, Piñatex (UK), Vegea (IT)
AdhesivesUrea formaldhydeToxicityUse Soyad™
EnergyLightingOld fluorescent tubesUpgrade ballasts/bulbs


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