updated November 21, 2019

flagMaterials matter

Start-up companies with under 50 employees can enter designs for the World Materials Forum 2020 Start Up Challenge to make materials smarter, use less and/or last longer. Deadline: Feb 15.

flagDanish design

The Danish Architecture Center publishes an extensive catalogue of mainly furniture to support its current exhibit Re-think, Re-use, Re-duce.

flagMore good work

Pundit Umair Haque asks why "our organizations punish good people for doing good things (and reward bad people for bad things)."

flagHomage to Hoffman

The birth home, now a museum, of architect and furniture designer Josef Hoffmann in Brtnice, Czech Republic, celebrates and exhibits his work and also that of his contemporaries.

flagPerriand portrait

The Guardian profiles Parisian designer Charlotte Perriand on the 20th anniversay of her death.

flagBest benchmark

UK's 2019 Wood Awards winners include Ian McChesney's oak bench manufactured by Benchmark Furniture Ltd.

flag flagNo waste willow

Iceland- and Netherlands-based designer Johanna Seelemann developed her Willow Project to investigate possible byproducts that result from boiling, burning, and distilling willow tree fibre.

flagCNC connection

UK-based Axminster Tools & Machinery provides this video on CNC machining flat-pack cabinet joints (no edge drilling necessary) using Cabineo hardware from Lamello.

flagTube transformed

Architectural Digest reviews the exhibition Columbus Continuum: One Hundred Years of Tubular Steel Legacy at Milan's Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea.

flagSuggestions please

furniturelink welcomes ideas for additional entries.

flagPanel pending

Barcelona-based manufacturer Hontext provides (properties data) for its non-toxic cellulose-waste panel that Spanish designer Luis Eslava incorporates into her sidetable design.

flagRemembering Richard

The Guardian published an obituary for UK furniture designer Richard Snell, who died of a brain tumour at age 69 in October.

flagWomen in design

It’s Nice That gives an overview of Charlotte Fiell's new book, Women in Design: From Aino Aalto to Eva Zeisel, and answers the question, "Why do we need a book about women in design?"

flagDesign fix

Cat Drew, chief design officer at the Design Council, describes the BBC 4 radio program The Fix that promotes design to bridge creativity and social action.

flagBauhaus in Britain

Sponsored by London's RIBA Gallery, Beyond Bauhaus — Modernism in Britain 1933–66 shows how the Bauhaus movement influenced British modernist architecture.Until February 01.

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