updated July 02, 2020

flagWild wood

UK-based designer and managed woodland advocate Sebastion Cox explains to Dezeen why he supports rewilding and not tree planting.

flag3D developments

Germany's public television station produced a video about the pros and cons of 3D printing.

flagChair contest

The brief for Slovenia's Festival of Wood (primal)chair contest "encourages sustainable, economical and quality use of the wood." Deadline: September 11.

flagCass change

London Metropolitan University renamed its art, architecture and design school because of the role Sir John Cass played in promoting slave trade.

flagChairs stream free

Vitra Design Museum's documentary film, Chair Times, streams for free temporarily.

flagCommon cause

The report Commoning the Company reimagines the corporation's role to address the negative economic consequences of COVID-19 on society.

flagDesign independence

The DesignTO Festival welcomes submissions of independent design projects in any field. Deadline: August 31.

flagPrivacy protection compiled a list of ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software.

flagBeyond display

Disegno blog examines the purpose of graduation exhibitions in 2020.

flagDigital details

The EU sponsored the 122-page report Impacts of the Digital Transformation in the Furniture Industry.

flagRead for free

The University of California Press offers their online journals free to everyone to June 2020, including the search term furniture design (one example).

flagItaly after

Frame magazine suggests strategies to reopen the Italian furniture industry post-pandemic.

flagTime shift

Furniturelink shows RISD graduates' work in 2006 to compare with their graduates' work in 2020.

flagPandemic design

The COVID-19 Design Directory provides a record of design contributions during the pandemic.

flagWorld e-waste

A United Nations study shows at least $10bn worth of gold, platinum and other precious metals form a growing mountain of electronic waste polluting the planet.

flagTake time

Stockholm- and Venice-based industrial designer Luca Nichetto advocates for "slow design" in a post-COVID world.

flagFour factors

Arch Daily reports on four developing technologies impacting furniture design and manufacturing.

flag flagWomen's work

Two articles discuss the undervalued contribution women made to design, including Ray Eames, Frances Macdonald and Margaret Macdonald when they produced studio work with partners Charles Eames, Herbert MacNair and Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

flagNon-sustainable claim

Björn Florman, the founder of Stockholm's material library, claims "There are no sustainable materials."

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