updated May 20, 2020

flagChairs stream free

Vitra Design Museum's documentary film, Chair Times, streams for free temporarily.

flagCommon cause

The report Commoning the Company reimagines the corporation's role to address the negative economic consequences of COVID-19 on society.

flagLozi liaison

London-based Lozi developed CNC construction processes to build benches for The Point theatre in Southampton.

flagStudio scene

Wallpaper* magazine provides a tour of Finnish interior architect and furniture designer Yrjö Kukkapuro's studio.

flagMade from boxes

In 1909 Louise Brigham designer and reformer published the book Box Furniture of her designs for building inexpensive furniture out of packing crates, detailed in Kevin Adkisson's 2014 paper (pdf).

flagSuggestions welcome

furniturelink welcomes submissions that address the issues of design and sustainability.

flagRead for free

The University of California Press offers their online journals free to everyone to June 2020, including the search term furniture design (one example).

flagItaly after

Frame magazine suggests strategies to reopen the Italian furniture industry post-pandemic.

flagNon-sustainable claim

Björn Florman, the founder of Stockholm's material library, claims "There are no sustainable materials."

flagTech scene

ArchDaily reports how 3D printing, augmented reality, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence impact furniture design and manufacturing.

flagFused filament

Superior mechanical properties of printed objects result when low-cost 3D printers switch to a new dual-polymer (ABS/PC) filament.

flagNew Gray book

The Guardian's Oliver Wainwright reviews a new book on the work of designer and architect Eileen Gray.

flagClick here

The Correspondent explains how the commercialization of digital information results in "truth" becoming whatever makes you "click."

flag flagWomen's work

Two articles discuss the undervalued contribution women made to design, including Ray Eames, Frances Macdonald and Margaret Macdonald when they produced studio work with partners Charles Eames, Herbert MacNair and Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

flagTime shift

Furniturelink shows RISD graduates' work in 2006 to compare with their graduates' work in 2020.

flagCo-ops and COVD

Ed Mayo's blog focuses on how the Italian co-operative sector applied its values to tackle the COVID-19 crisis.

flagRTA refined

Ireland-based OVVO releases more videos about cabinet assembly using their patented invisible RTA connection system hardware.

flagHeritage hocked

Hervé Lemoine, director of France's national furniture collection, defends plans to auction 100 items this autumn to fund French healthcare workers.

flagEco audit

An Italian study documents how the Livenza furniture district in Pordenone, Italy, registered with the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

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