updated August 05, 2020

flagWanted: Pure talent

imm Cologne 2021 invites submissions from emerging young designers for the Pure Talents Contest. Deadline: September 17 .

flagBeyond waste

Design Milk interviews Stockholm-based designer Daniel Svahn about how he transforms discarded furniture materials into new contract furniture.

flagUK's 12 best

UK's 12 most prominent Arts and Crafts houses and collections provide their summer schedules.

flagBurks background

Business of Home magazine interviews industrial designer and Chicago native Stephen Burks about furniture design, race and change — topics with the designer also covered in a video Friedman Benda, New York, NY, sponsored.

flagVitra values

Disegno talks to Rolf Fehlbaum, the chairman emeritus of Vitra, about his fascination with chair design.

flagWild wood

UK-based designer and managed woodland advocate Sebastion Cox explains to Dezeen why he supports rewilding and not tree planting.

flagRISD in '48

A scan from the HathiTrust Digital Library shows the catalogue from a modern furniture exhibit at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1948.

flagDelusion data

Sanne Blauw's research finds "when people know more facts or have more skills, they have more resources from which to draw when deluding themselves," but a sense of curiosity helps them be more receptive to new information.

flagKitchen communist

Jacobin magazine profiles designer, architect and communist Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, renowned creator of the first fitted kitchen.

flagHansen's craft

An auto translation of Interni magazine reports on the cabinet-making school Carl Hansen & Søn sponsors on Funen island, Denmark.

flagDesign independence

The DesignTO Festival welcomes submissions of independent design projects in any field. Deadline: August 31.

flagChair contest

The brief for Slovenia's Festival of Wood (primal)chair contest "encourages sustainable, economical and quality use of the wood." Deadline: September 11.

flagRCA 2020

Four 2020 graduates from London's Royal College of Art featuring furniture: Isabel Alonso, Anna Heck, Maria Ramon Vazquez, Rowan Vyvyan.

flagAA actions

Course tutors Ricardo Ruivo and Will Orr rebut a letter supporting AA director, Eva Franch i Gilabert, stating in part: ". . . this defense of the current director (now fired) reveals a deep anxiety felt by an elite cartel fearing that the crisis of neoliberalism in architecture and academia puts their institutional positions of privilege at risk."

flagMilton memorial

The Nation memorializes graphic designer Milton Glaser and mentions their long association.

flagPandemic design

The COVID-19 Design Directory provides a record of design contributions during the pandemic.

flagWorld e-waste

A United Nations study shows at least $10bn worth of gold, platinum and other precious metals form a growing mountain of electronic waste polluting the planet.

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