updated February 7, 2019

flagTenons tested

Prague's Czech University of Life Sciences researched tenons produced by a Dominio joiner to determine optimal joint stiffness.

flagBalkan brief

The Young Balkan Designers competition challenges participants to explore innovative design and the circular economy. Deadline February 20.

flagReduce RSI

German manufacturer Wiha introduces speedE®, a screwdriver assist tool with unique ergonomic features.

flagWaste less

Zero Waste Lab, Thessaloniki, Greece, used Coca-Cola funding and the city's plastic waste to produce a range of 3D printed street furniture.

flagDrawing on skills

A review of a study in Current Directions in Psychological Science looks at how drawing boosts word memorizing skills, especially in older adults.

flagCreative cement

Arch Daily reports on Swisspearl Group AG's light-weight fiber-cement furniture.

flagEmco explains

Gessto blog interviews CEO Gregg Buchbinder of Emco (Electrical Machine and Equipment Company), the manufacturer of the iconic 1006 Navy chair.

flagBahaus beginnings

Metropolis Magazine describes tbe early Bahaus curriculum as "characterized by a naturalistic expressionism, individual creativity, and handicraft" and included folk furniture and even mysticism.

flagChicago choices

The Art Institute of Chicago's online database of images and reference materials include hundreds of furniture items.

flagNo GE trees

The Global Justice Ecology Project coordinates the international campaign to stop the spread of genetically engineered (GE) trees and defend the rights of forest-dependent communities and Indigenous peoples.

flagNYC 2020

Media company Sandow (Interior Design magazine, Material ConneXion, etc.) assume operational responsibilities for the New York Design Festival (NYCxDESIGN) in 2020.

flagCanada competes

Toronto's Design Exchange publishes details of its Emerging Designer competition for Canadians 18 to 35 years old. Deadline March 30.

flagWinning talents

imm Cologne provides detailed text and images about this year's Pure Talents Contest winners.

flagAZ Awards

Designers, architects and students can enter products prototyped or in production by December 31, 2018, to win AZ Awards. Deadline: February 19.

flagVIA values

Dezeen magazine reports on Le French Design, a juried list of leading and emerging French designers promoted by Paris-based VIA.


Smow blog reviews the exhibit Women Designers at the Deutsche Werkst├Ątten Hellerau 1898 to 1938 at the Kunstgewerbemuseum, Dresden, until March 03.

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