#002 / 1997

Veneer: more than skin deep

Veneer from B.C. wood species receives the exposure it deserves in a summer exhibition of furniture designed and produced by students of Camosun College's Fine Woodworking Program in Victoria. Sponsored jointly by Camosun College, B.C. Wood Specialties Group and the Canadian Forestry Service, this annual exhibition is in its eighth year.

As usual students were set a design brief and this year more than succeeded in their task to design a table that incorporated veneer in a "creative and efficient manner." Using edge grain Douglas-fir, hemlock, spruce and yellow cedar, donated by Snowcap Lumber of Abbottsford, students came up with innovative and eclectic designs to produce a wide range of tables.



Bruce Borgerson
Jennifer Brownlee
Sandra Carr
Eric Clark
John Dennison
Sean Flett
Bill Harrison
Renate Kviet
Curtis Morrissey

The 16 projects vary in form from sculptural to refined and in concept from fun to practical. Numerous functions are addressed by the students including dining, modules for conferences, game playing, hall display and bedside storage. Thin face veneer is used to overlay inexpensive synthetic panels, often with decorative inlays of contrasting species and grain. Heavier veneer is parallel laminated to make the structural members of underframes and bases.

Entries were evaluated on the basis of form, function and marketability by jurors Ken Guenter, Stephen Harrison, Ian Harvey, Richard Kaufmann and Solly Reeve.

For more information contact Cameron Russell, Instructor for Camosun's Fine Furniture Program (250.370.3803).

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