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The opening of a design-conscious furniture store in Vancouver is always welcome news, especially when it sells furniture that is 85 percent designed and manufactured in Canada.


UpCountry's spacious showroom on Cambie Street in Vancouver reflects a unified look that is Craftsman- and Shaker-influenced with a predominance of natural colours. Solid wood construction is favoured, and upholstered items range from traditional to pared-down club style with the occasional retro piece for contrast.

The intention of owners Stephen Sutch and Beth-Anne Quinn is to increase their inventory of made-in-B.C. furniture. Designers wishing to sell to the store are advised to visit the showroom first to ensure their furniture harmonizes with the established look of the store. UpCountry requires producers to manufacture in some quantity, to offer a consistent high standard of fit-and-finish, and deliver within six to eight weeks.

One local designer/maker who has met UpCountry's standards is Matthew Quetton. Made from local white birch, his furniture is well represented and ranges in price from $290 for a side table to $2205 for an audio-visual cabinet.

Producers wishing to sell to UpCountry (and who meet the requirements noted above) should contact Stephen Sutch at 604.875.9004.

update: UpCountry is no longer in business in Vancouver. Contact their Toronto and Burlington stores here.

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