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The recently published 72-page BC Furniture Resource Directory is an excellent source of information and belongs by the phone of every BC designer/maker. Published by the BC Centre for Wood Products Design (see side bar), this spiral-bound and tabbed book comprises two major sections:

Listing of suppliers and services in 13 major categories (hardware, laminates, plastics, packaging, finishing, etc.), each with an introduction by the authors and a summary of their findings.

Alphabetical listing of contact and specialty information for each entrant.

According to the introduction, the directory was compiled to ". . . reduce a manufacturer's research costs and potentially facilitate increased partnerships amongst the various supply chains in the furniture sector."


BC Furniture Resource Directory 2000

BC Centre for Wood Products Design

Located at the Kootenay School of Arts (KSA) in Nelson, the Centre has a mandate to "facilitate product development in the BC furniture and millwork industry." and has worked with over 20 companies in the last 18 months. Other objectives are to mentor KSA graduates, undertake market research, help incubate businesses and raise awareness of the role of design in the manufacturing process.

The authors do not claim to have included every supplier (priority was given to larger companies) in its first edition, but report a creditable 75 per cent response to their survey. furniturelink found that most of the major players are included, although the upholstery category missed two important foam suppliers (A-Z Sponge & Foam, Delta, and BFF Foam, Richmond). However, the authors freely admit the likelihood of errors and omissions in this first attempt and encourage feedback to help improve future editions. As this kind of data is notoriously difficult to keep current, furniturelink would like to see an on-line searchable database format developed in the future.

200 copies of the directory were printed and about 150 distributed province-wide. While quantities last, a bound version of the book can be obtained from BCCWPD for $5 to cover shipping/handling, or you can download it for "free" in PDF format from their Website.

Funding for the directory was provided by Forest Renewal BC, and production/research credits go to John Lerner (project manager) and KSA graduates Greg Kenny, Dave Stryck and Jan Kozlowski.

The directory is a creditable first edition. furniturelink looks forward to its continued expansion in both printed and electronic formats.

Update: KSA Wood Products Design program and the BCCWPD have closed.

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