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Replay Sofa and Cabinet

Palliser profiled

Palliser, Canada's largest furniture manufacturer, expanded its EQ3 range of affordable contemporary furniture with the fall release of the Replay collection. In April 2001, the Winnipeg manufacturer broke from tradition when it established EQ3, aimed at the 18- to 35-year-old demographic seeking sophisticated design on a budget.

London-based Lisa Norinder, Palliser in-house designers, and North Carolina-based Glenn Dorshimer designed Replay. Their design brief stipulated a "retro" style, which they expressed through the use of chrome legs, glass doors, lacquered surfaces in red, white and silver, and colourful wool upholstery. Norinder designed the three Replay items shown here; other pieces include bookcases, tables, dining chairs and tables, serving trolley, platform bed, and office chairs.

Replay Corner Workstation

The detailed design brief for each of the approximately 15 Replay pieces designed by Norinder included industry standard requirements such as price, style compatibility, dimension guidelines, materials and assigned production facilities. She also had to take into consideration the scale of the average North American home. Interviewed by VCR, (now furniturelink) Norinder said she interpreted her brief to be "a taste of retro" and that she was "not aiming to do something that could have been from the fifties."

Norinder completed the initial sketches in two weeks and provided Palliser with laser prints generated by FormZ 3D modeling software. Once Palliser approved the designs, she created the final technical drawings in about the same timeframe, using Ashlar-Vellum software.

Palliser is currently developing several new product lines with the assistance of Canadian designers Hothouse Studio, Plastic Buddha Studio and Judson Beaumont (Straight Line Designs). furniturelink will keep you informed about the introduction of these new designs, which are expected next year.

Lisa Norinder profiled

Much of the Replay collection is the inspiration of London-based freelance designer Lisa Norinder. She was first employed, at the age of 19, by IKEA's design department in Ă„lmhult, Sweden. In 1992, she left IKEA to undertake formal design training, graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1998. Norinder was then hired by Tom Dixon, Creative Director for Habitat UK, where she worked for about a year. With her Habitat and IKEA contacts, she was able to open her own freelance design studio in January 2000.

Her new studio completed projects for Habitat and IKEA, the later requiring monthly trips to Sweden. There she met Christina Petersson, then working in IKEA's textile department. Later when Petersson was working for Palliser (and being aware of Norinder's work for Habitat and IKEA), Petersson approached Norinder to work on the Palliser Replay line in October 2001. The Replay line was unveiled at the High Point furniture trade show in April 2002.

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