#043 / 2003


Furniture Works

Furniture Works, a manufacturing "incubator" centre, recently opened in East End London. It represents the type of resource centre for emerging furniture designer/makers long advocated by furniturelink for BC and Canada.

Operated by London Metropolitan University, the centre provides professional facilities, services and courses. All London's designers and manufacturers can access the centre's 250-square-metre showroom, reference library, seminar rooms and the Frederick Parker Collection of more than 150 chairs, dating from the 17th century.

Offered services include workshops for design development, prototyping and the following component manufacturing processes:

CNC routing and CAD/CAM workshops

Laminating multi-ply shapes and panels

Pattern, mould and jig making

Acid catalyst spray finishing

Epoxy and polyester powder coating

Plastics vacuum forming

Metal tube manipulation and fabrication

Weaving, stitching and printing textiles

Soft furnishing and upholstery

Materials analysis and testing

Furniture Works' inaugural event featured a public exhibition of designs by Metropolitan University graduates.

The centre works closely with the Geffrye Museum Design Centre and Hidden Art, institutions featured in issue #034.

update: Furniture Works has closed.

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