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Press Conference

Eco-lumber press conference - Cam Brewer, David Suzuki, Rod Krimmer

Eco-lumber everyday event

The official opening of the Canadian Eco-Lumber Co-op warehouse in Richmond, British Columbia, establishes a unique one-stop everyday purchasing resource for FSC certified timber and panels.

To formally announce the new venture a well-attended press conference was held in Vancouver on June 19, 2003. Eco-Lumber Executive Director Cam Brewer introduced the panel of speakers that was comprised of Joseph Van Belleghem (developer), Peter Busby (architect), Rod Krimmer (woodlot owner) and David Suzuki (described by the Vancouver Sun's forestry reporter as a "celebrity environmentalist").

All the speakers welcomed the new co-op with its ability to deliver a range of locally produced FSC certified timber products. Suzuki drew a parallel between the growing consumer demand for locally produced organic produce and the growing interest in sustainable wood products by architects and manufacturers. Rod Krimmer, who produces timber for the co-op on his woodlot near Williams Lake, made a presentation that equalled that of the "pros" on the panel. His honest description of the procedures, obstacles and financial constraints of operating a certified woodlot provided a balanced perspective and brought a human scale to the event.

Eco-Lumber Warehouse

Eco-lumber warehouse and logo

TheEco-Lumber Co-op warehouse is located at 150-14480 Knox Way, Richmond, BC, V6V 2Z5, phone 604.278.4300. The following is a partial list of FSC certified products of interest to furniture manufacturers:







Yellow cedar



4/4, 8/4


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For more wood certification information, see furniturelink issue #027.

update: Eco-Lumber Co-op has closed.

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