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Top ten pdfs on production

Though nothing in life is free, reports, newsletters, dissertations and guides in PDF on the Web, available at no charge, come close. And as most "free" things are made available for a reason, you should be cautious. Having said that, for the cost of toner and paper the following 10 PDFs are an information bargain.

This second part of the series includes PDFs about furniture manufacturing, materials, safety and management. The first part focuses on the design process, the third part on sustainability and the last part on marketing.

To download any item click the cover image. As links on this page become obsolete, furniturelink will add new content.


Edge-glued panel layup operations

Author: Phil Mitchell (USA)

Format: 7 pages, (184KB)

This NCSU published article describes the panel layup operation from initial gang or rip-line sawing through development of a gluable edge to colour matching, grain matching and panel sizing. The author considers moisture content related problems to be the biggest cause of diminished yields in panel layup manufacture.


Shrinking and Swelling of Wood and . . .

Author: Carl A. Eckelman (USA)

Format: 26, pages (33KB)

". . . more than 90 per cent of all problems with wood involve moisture. For those who ignore basic wood-moisture relationships, that is probably a conservative estimate," Bruce Hoadley Understanding Wood. If you can't afford the book, this PDF is the next best thing.


Adhesives with Wood Materials: Chapter 10

Author: Metropolis (USA)

Format: 11 pages, (1137KB)

Although aimed at the construction/engineering sector, this chapter of the Wood Handbook includes good information for wooden furniture manufacturers. In fact, lack of knowledge of adhesion science may rival Bruce Hoadley's comment above regarding the most common wood manufacturing problem.


Wood Furniture Components: Lean Manufacturing Concepts

Author: Motsenbocker et. al. (USA)

Format: 20 pages, (574KB)

This case study by MSU investigates the application of lean manufacturing to the furniture industry. The authors describe how to prepare a product-grouping matrix for volume parts and the use of conveyors and machinery placement to create efficient flow-lines.


Technofactory versus Mini-plants

Author: Dagmar Steffen, Jochen Gros

Format: 13 pages, (306KB)

This German research paper examines the custom-tailored mass production project C-furniture and how it will implement strategies for mass customization through a network of CAD/CAM supported joinery workshops.


Hardwoods of North America

Author: Harry A. Alden (USA)

Format: 140 pages, (554KB)

This report lists the properties of 53 North American hardwoods. Organized alphabetically by genus and then common names, the listings for each species include distribution, general features, density, mechanical properties, drying/shrinkage values, kiln drying schedule, workability and common uses.


Millennials In Manufacturing

Author: TMA

Format: 18 pages, (6829KB)

This report commissioned for the Technology & Manufacturing Association examines how company owners (Baby Boom and Gen Xers) can best attract and retain skilled Millennial generation workers.


Guide for Protecting Workers from Woodworking Hazards

Author: Kathryn W. Wulfing (USA)

Format: 95 pages, (2775KB)

Although furniturelink covers safety in depth elsewhere, and many countries issue woodworking safety leaflets, this OSHA PDF covers the topic in one comprehensive publication.


Layout Design of a Furniture Production Line Using Formal Methods

Author: Pinto and Shayan (Australia)

Format: 12 pages, (238KB)

This 2007 scientific paper uses different heuristic models for developing the optimum production layout in an upholstery manufacturing plant. The authors conclude that BLOCPLAN (Green and Al-Hakim, 1985) using Automated Search produced the most practical results.


Low-VOC/HAP Wood Furniture Coatings: A Research Study for the EPA

Author: NRM (USA)

Format: 150 pages, (7820KB)

This Environmental Protection Agency publication focuses furniture finishing technologies that reduce pollution and health hazards - high-solids, waterborne, ultra-violet and powder coatings. Most of the PDF is case studies of 25 American manufacturers (including Knoll).

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