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Top ten pdfs on sustainability

Though nothing in life is free, reports, newsletters, dissertations and guides in PDF on the Web, available at no charge, come close. And as most "free" things are made available for a reason, you should be cautious. Having said that, for the cost of toner and paper the following 10 PDFs are an information bargain.

This third part of the series includes PDFs about green design, eco-materials, recycling and waste reduction. The first part focuses on the design process, the second part on production, and the last part on marketing.

To download any item click the cover image. As links on this page become obsolete, furniturelink will add new content.


Sustainability Analysis of Martela’s Upcoming Sola Chair

Author: Yusif Salam-zade (Finland)

Format: 42 pages, (2.22MB)

This student thesis examines the carbon footprint of the Sola chair range designed by Antti Kotilainenwas and manufactured by Finnish office furniture manufacturer Martela.


Secondary Environmental Education Module

Author: Project Learning Tree (USA)

Format: 252 pages, (16.75MB)

Project Learning Tree and the University of Florida publish this extensive secondary school learning resource that addresses climate change, forest ecosystems, Life Cycle Assement (LCA) and other issues. Activity 10 uses LCA to compare the environmental costs of plastic, aluminum and wood patio furniture.


Circular Economy Business Toolkit

Author: National Zero Waste Council (Canada)

Format: 28 pages, (2.23MB)

As an alternative to our predominant linear "take-make-dispose" economy this how-to guide introduces businesses of all sizes to the advantages of circular modes of production.


BIFMA e3-2011e Furniture Sust. Standard

Author: BIFMA (USA)

Format: 58 pages, (970KB)

"The purpose of this voluntary Standard is to provide measurable market-based definitions of progressively more sustainable furniture by establishing performance criteria that address environmental and social aspects throughout the supply chain."


Sustainable Design: A furniture focused approach

Author: José Vicente et. al. (Portugal)

Format: 12 pages (400KB)

This paper supports an online research project titled "Contributions to a sustainable design methodology applied to the furniture industry: the Portuguese Case" (see website). The three authors propose to develop tools to enable designers and manufacturers to enhance their sustainable performance.


Furniture Essentials:

Author: Envirowise (UK)

Format: 36 pages, (353KB)

This UK Guide provides environmental information for furniture manufacturers by outlining the cost savings and proactive management. Included are case studies of good practice by established furniture manufacturers - with details of the actions taken and the amounts saved.


OECD Sustainable Manufacturing Toolkit

Author: OECD (FR)

Format: 15 pages, (3680KB)

This introductory toolkit enables SMEs to improve the sustainability of their production processes and products. Using an internationally applicable common set of indicators it helps companies measure environmental performance and provides links to further technical advice.


Whats in the Design?

Author: Ng and Diniz (Canada)

Format: 3 pages, (269KB)

This Design Exchange case study explains the move to sustainability by three Toronto-area office furniture manufacturers. Nienkämper is using veneer more economically. Teknion is responding to customer concerns about recyclability. Knoll (along with Teknion) is offering FSC-certified wood and water-based processes.


Review of the Environmental Impact of Wood Compared with Alternative Products Used in the Production of Furniture

Author: Taylor and Langenberg (Australia)

Format: 20 pages, (401KB)

Austalia's Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation compares published information on the environmental impact of wood used in the production of furniture.


From Forest to Furniture

Author: Glen Wilkinson (USA)

Format: 7 pages, (577KB)

Although a few years old, this reprint from Environmental Design and Construction is an excellent overview of wood certification issues for North American furniture producers. It explains FSC criteria, sourcing problems and the personal experiences of manufacturers such as Neil Kelly Kitchen Cabinets.

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