#066 / 2005

Présentation suggérée / suggested serving

Frozen dinners and contemporary furniture have something in common, according to Fréderic Galliot and Vincent Hauspy of Présentation Suggérée. "The name means 'suggested serving' . . . from frozen food packages. It's right out of the box, and you do what you want with it, and you put whatever you want on it," explains Galliot, who graduated with Hauspy from the University of Montréal's industrial design program in 2004.

Their range of tables (consoles) in various show woods with mix-and-match coloured bases lean against walls to make them ideally suited for spaces with multiple functions, such as loft apartments/condos, and avoids the need for shelf-bracket holes in walls (keeping landlords happy).


Fréderic Galliot (left) and Vincent Hauspy - SIDIM 2005

Manufacturing of the wooden tables (also available in metal) was contracted to Patella Woodworking (more details below). Hermann Perlinger, Patella's director of sales, told furniturelink that the company is committed to mentoring young Montréal designers such as Galliot and Hauspy. "It is my belief that the younger generations must be involved with the process of woodworking to get them away from their computer screens and into tangible environments. This will lead them to a better understanding of why and how things are done."

Perlinger's support also included promoting Présentation Suggérée's tables at NeoCon 2005 in Chicago, which generated more sales leads and an item in the September 2005 issue of ID Magazine.

Galliot and Hauspy share Perlinger's belief in local production and are determined to develop designs with minimal eco-impact. To express this commitment they have developed a "made in Quebec" logo (right) based on the traditional wood and leather snowshoe. Galliot explains, "We needed something to "echo" our support for Québec design, and one of the biggest symbols . . . that resonates in people's minds is the Indian snowshoe made of animal skin and wood. We presented [the snowshoe symbol] to a bunch of designers at SIDIM . . . and they said they really liked it. So I am thinking about developing a group of designers that . . . goes by the rules of this symbol - a graphic manifesto [for products made and/or designed in Québec]."

With the "discovery" of Présentation Suggérée at 2005 SIDIM - their first major showing - furniturelink strongly suggests we pay attention to their ideas that will serve - and preserve - our overextended environment and resources.


Managing Production

Présentation Suggérée subcontract the manufacture of their wooden consoles (model 18 shown) to Patella Woodworking, whose extensive production facilities are located in LaSalle, Quebec.

Show wood components, available in oak, maple and birch, are finished in water-based "lacquer" provided by Anthony Coatings. The lower base is made from Sierra Pine's Medite II (manufactured from 100% recovered and recycled wood fiber content that contains no added formaldehyde) and coated with coloured lacquer.

When production runs increase Galliot and Hauspy plan to use powder coating technology for coloured surfaces and exploit Patella's FSC chain-of-custody certification.

update: Présentation Suggérée/Erratum Design and Patella Woodworking have closed.

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