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Top ten pdfs on marketing

Though nothing in life is free, reports, newsletters, dissertations and guides in PDF on the Web, available at no charge, come close. And as most "free" things are made available for a reason, you should be cautious. Having said that, for the cost of toner and paper the following 10 PDFs are an information bargain.

The last part of the series includes PDFs about marketing, with eight specific to marketing at the individual company scale and two at the global scale. The first part of the series focuses on the design process, the second part on production, and the third part on sustainability.

To download any item click the cover image. As links on this page become obsolete, furniturelink will add new content.


Strategies for the New American Furniture Industry

Author: NCSU (USA)

Format: 16 pages, (389KB)

This university reports examines how American domestic casegoods furniture manufacturers can adjust to off-shore competition with modern technolgy, new management strategies, design software and revised production scheduling.


Starting a Small Business

Author: Small Business BC (Canada)

Format: 36 pages, (913KB)

Published by an agency of the British Columbia government in 2014, this publication provides the information and planning advice required to start a small business.


The Microeconomics of Competitiveness

Author: Michael E. Porter et. al. (USA)

Format: 31 pages, (370KB)

Although targeted at the South Carolina furniture sector this study compiled by two professors at Harvard University makes recommendations about cooperative marketing and educational strategies applicable to manufacturers in other regions and countries.


Design Best Practices for Furniture Clusters

Author: Alessandro Deserti (IT)

Format: 24 pages, (11600KB)

Professor Alessandro Deserti from Politecnico di Milano provides this 24 slide overview of the evolution of Italian furniture clusters and the role of design. In a historical context he makes the case that it is almost impossible to have a design culture without a strong industrial base.


Consumer Attitudes and Buying Behavior for Home Furniture

Author: Nicole Ponder (USA)

Format: 47 pages, (374KB)

This 2013 academic paper investigates the attitudes of various segments of the US population towards buying furniture from both traditional stores and online outlets promoted through social media.


Value Added Marketing Guide

Author: Timothy Holmes et. al. (USA)

Format: 145 pages, (6250KB)

This ambitious guide from the US Forest Service and Wood Education and Resource Center provides smaller-scale wood products businesses with nine chapters of "how to" information covering a range of marketing, promotional, sales, branding and exporting strategies.


What Makes Small and Medium Enterprises Competitive

Author: M. Piergiuseppe et. al. (Italy)

Format: 40 pages, (246KB)

This academic study from the University of Foggia, Italy, by Morone Piergiuseppe and Testa Giuseppina, relates to the competitiveness of Italian SMEs. Based on their survey of 2,600 Italian SMEs, the authors note the importance of networking beyond the manufacturer's region.


Competitiveness of the UK Furniture Manufacturing Industry

Author: FIRA (UK)

Format: 60 pages, (2744KB)

Produced by the UK's Furniture Industry Research Association this extensive report outlines strategies the UK furniture manufacturing industry can adopt to meet the challenges of low cost imports including becoming more efficient and maintaining high levels of quality and service.


A Planning Guide for Small and Medium Size Wood Products Companies

Author: Howe and Bratkovich (USA)

Format: 99 pages, (1.47MB)

This guide for US-based manufacturers derived from research studies in Maine and Minnesota that focused on the success characteristics of small and medium size wood products companies. Although a little "folksy" in style it provides solid information for business plan developers.


Construction of an International Brand: The Rise and Decline of Danish Design, 1930-1970

Author: H. Hansen (DK/USA)

Format: 315 pages, (41KB) - Now in MSWord

In this academic paper Hansen states that Danish Design as a "brand" reached a peak in the 1960s because of a "flourishing alliance between a group of talented designers, the traditional craft of cabinetmaking, a new functionalist trend in design and an elaborated network."

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