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Top five videos

Designers greening

Although many "educational" videos available online are amateurish and boring, furniturelink offers a selection that are informative and worth watching as the "top 15" in three sections: designers talking, originating and greening.

To view any video click the image. As links on this page become obsolete, furniturelink will add new content. Image copyrights belong to the director/producer credited.


Sustainability in 7: William McDonough on Cradle to Cradle Design

Producer: Designers Accord/Core77

Cinematographer: Hamid Shams

Format: 7:51 mins (16:9)

One in a series of conversations with leading sustainability experts, this video produced by The Designers Accord features world-renowned architect and designer William McDonough explaining the nature-inspired design principles of "cradle to cradle" design.


Big Ideas for a Small Planet: Scrapile

Producer: Sundance

Host: YouTube

Format: 2:26 mins (16:9)

Bart Bettencourt and Carlos Salgad explain the operation of Scrapile, a company they founded in 2003 to repurpose discarded off-cuts of wood and panels from New York’s woodworking industry into unique laminated tables, chairs and benches.


Green Furniture at Stockholm Fair

Producer: UNG Arena

Reporter: Karin Schill

Format: 2:55 mins (16:9)

Johan Berhin, founder of Green Furniture Sweden, an eco-friendly Swedish furniture manufacturer, explained the company's philosophy at the 2013 Stockholm furniture Fair and introduced their range of public environment furniture (for airports, railway stations and shopping malls) made from waste materials.


Copenhagen Show: Positive Sustainability

Producer: Designguide

Director: R. Andriessen

Format: 5:40 mins (16:9)

Frederikke Aargaard, curator and manager of Showhow (an exhibit of Danish and International sustainable design held during Copenhagen design week), explains the show's philosphy and conducts a tour of the furniture, accessories and industrial design displays.


Team 7 Furniture

Producer: DW-TV

Cinematographer: R. Freinschlag

Format: 4:49 mins (16:9)

This German television presentation describes how furniture manufacturer Team 7, based in Ried, Austria, expanded its production since committing to exclusively using sustainable hardwoods in the late 1970s and employing designer Jacob Strobel to develop award-winning contemporary furniture.

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