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Furniture as fixture

In London, Paris, Vancouver, and other cities, millennials must spend three times more of their income for housing than their grandparents did at a similar age.(1) London condos/flats cost between £600 (C$1000) and £2,000 (C$3,400) per square foot making them some of the most expensive in the world.(2)

This affordability crisis challenges designers, manufacturers, and real estate developers to offer innovative products and solutions for their clients. Their primary focus must be to make every expensive square foot of housing pay its way: to avoid costly wasted space in front of radiators or baseboard heaters — install under floor heating; to regain space lost to internal walls — replace walls with custom storage furniture.

Soroush Pourhashemi in his Hackney workshop

In 2012 Soroush Pourhashemi founded London-based Lozi and meets the space challenge by specializing in creative storage solutions. Working with skilled craftspeople, CNC technology, and FSC-certified materials, Pourhashemi developed a range of built-in fixtures for the Hide condos/flats, London. These included kitchen cabinets and a unique wardrobe-storage unit, also featured at the 2019 London Design Fair.

Lozi wardrobe-storage unit for Hide condos/flats *

Unit details

The unit makes an ideal space-saving divider/wall, with a visual appeal no plasterboard clone could ever emulate. Curved hollow-core doors faced with cherry veneer open from two sides to the wardrobe compartment. The complement of FSC-certified Baltic birch drawers below provides ample storage for more items.

Lozi room divider for North London flat*

Pourhashemi also applied his design skills to a room divider project that maximizes space for a North London client. Materials include turned solid oak stiles and FSC-certified oak plywood, hand-finished with milk paint imported from General Finishes in the US.

To buyers with little cash to spare after paying their mortgage, Lozi's custom-designed multiply furniture might seem an extravagance. Factor in the environmentally friendly materials, portability, and product life most cheap flat-pack particle board cabinets can't compete with, and these "wall" units more than pay their way.

(1) Source: The Guardian
(2) Source: Find Properly

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